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Lawn Strip
Lawn Strip

Virtual Training

What are the benefits of e-training?

  • convenience of scheduling!

  • comfort of your home

  • zero travel time!

  • no traffic/save on gas

  • real time feedback

  • Top quality service and we are right there with you

We love dogs and helping their pet parents

“Gentle touch, true service”

Puppy Classes Basics Online via zoom:                                                                 

  • Potty training and crate training methods    

  • coming when called

  • Nipping

  • Politely walking on a leash

  • Adjusting to new environments

  • Socialization tips and guidance

  • Jumping

Adult Classes Online via Zoom:

Reinforcing positive behaviors and building a foundation for a better relationship

  • Recall

  • Sit, stay and heel

  • Managing undesirable behaviors such as jumping

  • Preventing boredom with fun games and activities

  • Meeting new people and adjusting to new environment

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