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Lisa started her passion for dogs when she rescued her first dog a beloved rottweiler named Alexis. That passion grew and in 2007 went into breeding, showing and handling rottweilers and amstaff’s. This position allowed her to gain training experience and the knowledge of canine behaviors. With a kennel of imports around 15 dogs daily in her care and multiple litters a year, she gained the skills and professionalism to be able to develop a strong understanding of animal behaviors and enhancing her training abilities. Lisa has also been training thoroughbreds both on and off the track for over 20 years. Earning a college degree in Agriculture and CPR pet certified, she was a vet tech in VA for 4 years. Also she groomed and operated this business too. A few life events made her take take a 8 year hiatus from the dog industry. In 2020, she was a victim of a extreme violent crime and purchased a Belgian Malinois for a PTSD service dog. That is when her love for helping people and their dogs sparked all over again. Today, Lisa and her service dog train for search and rescue to help others. We are working with a search & rescue group to move forward in this new adventure to contribute to the community when we are called upon.



"Helping pet owners build strong lifelong bonds through respect and a gentle touch"


Memberships & Info:


  • Association of Professional Dog Trainers

  • Search and Rescue dog of the United States

  • Red Cross First Aid Pet Certified

  • Wag Service Provider

  • AKC CGC evaluator

  • AKC Star puppy instructor

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